The family of varieties “Iguazú Savour” champions the essence of the authentic summer strawberry, where juiciness and aroma merge in a sweet fruit, with a hint of acidity, and a depth of flavour that identifies it with its natural origins.

  • “Flavour” is the common denominator of the “Iguazú Savour” family, with aromatic and juicy fruits throughout the collection.
  • Perfection in the shape of the strawberry, always the perfect heart.
  • Skin always shiny and resilient. A very attractive bright red-orange colour.
  • Excellent shelf life throughout the series, a very important detail.


Interspecies crosses conferring hybrid vigor

Strong, robust plants, with good resistance


Reduced need for phytosanitary products and fertilizers

Plants that respect Aquifers and the Environment

Perfect shapes

Plants that can put more energy to the fruit, thanks to their photosynthetic power and efficiency.

Excellent Postharvest

Well-nourished fruits, dense and juicy at the same time. Maintain quality through the supply chain.

Premium quality

Elevated capacity to produce fruit with a high levels sugars and minerals, conferring a fantastic taste.

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