Berries del Oeste

“We were conceived to re-discover the satisfaction of the authentic strawberry. Utilising only natural methodologies, through the hybridization of distant families, we have achieved a plant vigor that has allowed us to select plants with fruit of great depth of flavour, excellent production, earliness and long shelf life”

Methodology for a natural objective

  • Use only natural methods: controlled manual pollination.
  • Obtaining varieties by interspecies hybridization persevering in the “hybrid vigor”, thus achieving superplants.
  • Improvement carried out under organic farming methods without chemical disinfection of the soil, in extreme weather conditions, with very cold winters and warm springs, setting natural resistances.
  • “The perfection of the fruit”: achieving more first-class commercial fruit and less second-class fruit, reducing waste and lowering production costs, as well as overproductive stress.
  • Reduced need for nitrate; We take care of the aquifers.
Berries del Oeste
Berries del Oeste

Improvement strategy: collaborate with the plant

  • Balance energy: perfection of the fruit, all the fruit goes to first quality, with a more linear production curve in the campaign.
  • Great production capacity in cold conditions: PRECOCITY.
  • Fruit with a high content of brix degrees and aromatic: TASTE / premium quality.
  • Good production in December, January and February, with excellent continuity: BALANCED CAMPAIGN
  • Well-fed fruit, good post-harvest: Excellent shelf life, COMMERCIAL SAFETY.
Berries del Oeste